My name is Emily High-Fash.


The name was given to me by my best friend 7¬†years ago when we first met. I was flattered when she told me I was the most high-fash girl she’s seen at school and went around introducing me to everybody as Emily High-Fash. And ever since, the name has stuck.

On this website, you will find some of my most recent creations, from jewellery to natural weight loss cosmetics. Who knows what I might venture in to next! All I know is that I want to live the rest of my life doing something creative every single day. I’m inspired by all of the beautiful wonders of the world and I make it a personal goal to remain forever fascinated.

Anneli Loo (Model)
Ashley Hassard (Model)
Jennilee Ortega (Photographer)
Jocelyn Santos (Makeup Artist/Hairstylist)
Hamed Alishahi (Photographer)
Nathan Zahorchak (Photographer)