High-Fash Kisses

How they are made!

October 9, 2013 By: admin - No Comments

It’s only October but the howling winds of winter have already crept in, warning us about the frosty weather that is soon to come. For my fashionista friends, winter means layering season! Time to bundle up in cute knits and cashmeres, patterned tights and faux fur. Unfortunately, winter also means dry hair and dry skin. Booo 🙁

But this season you can keep your lips velvety soft with my all natural and ultra cute home-made lip balm! If you are a fan of Burt’s Bees, this is just like it, except way cheaper! My lip balm, which is appropriately named High-Fash Kisses (It’s like getting a kiss from me! :3 ) is made of just 4 simple ingredients plus a healthy heaping of love <3 They’re mixed, tubed and labelled right here in my very own home.

I had way too much fun making up the recipe for these and then creating the labels and packaging them! So of course here is a collection of photos illustrating my process of creating High-Fash Kisses! Enjoy!

Grating some beeswax!

Mixing and melting

Time for tubing!

Anxiously waiting for them to solidify 😮

So excited…..

“Hey Sugar”

Didn’t like the consistency of them so I pulled them all out and did it all again!
Not putting my name on anything that doesn’t meet my standards!

And now, they are Emily High-Fash approved

Designing the labels… Gerbera daisies are my absolute favourite! And the kissing bees have a heart trail behind them <3

Trying to get the printer settings right for these darn labels!

Ghetto way of heating the shrink wrap… Thank goodness my roommate is going to bring me her heat gun:)

et voila!